The alternative medical treatment method chiropractic, which we also offer in our Allmedica medical practice on Mallorca, aims to find dysfunctions in parts of the body’s musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, and to eliminate them with simple hand movements. The treatment approach is therefore based on releasing blockages between vertebrae or other joints by hand and correcting malpositions.

What are vertebral blockages?
Our back vertebrae are held together by ligaments, among other things. When these overstretch, the vertebrae can no longer move normally, which affects the nerve flow at that point. Often the surrounding muscles compensate for the blockage, but this leads to a relieving posture, which in turn leads to further tension, which is expressed through breathing difficulties, dizziness or headaches.

When is chiropractic useful?
Chiropractors help to relieve tension in the neck, back, legs, hands, knees, shoulders or hips. Posture problems, lumbago and sciatica also fall within the chiropractor’s scope of treatment. Anything that no longer sits the way it should, as the saying goes, can be fixed by the bone-breaker.
The chiropractor feels for possible blockages and muscle tension in order to localise the cause of the pain. This is preceded by a detailed anamnesis to get an overall picture of the patient. The affected joints are then treated with the help of special handgrip techniques. After treatment, patients may experience harmless side effects such as sore muscles or a temporary increase in pain.

Adjusting and activating
In chirotherapy we use 2 treatment methods.
Mobilisation is a particularly gentle method of restoring joint mobility. The affected joint is moved slowly and gently at first. Gradually, the speed and pressure are increased.
Manipulation or setting is the so-called “bone-breaker method”. The joint is stretched by small, jerky movements. This can cause small gas bubbles to burst, which produces a cracking sound and gave this method its name. In reality, however, the joint is not put back into place, but its normal mobility is restored.

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