As German doctors on Mallorca, we are not only medical practitioners. We are also children, parents and aunts. So we also grew up with the good old home remedies from grandma and didn’t always resort to classical medicine for our own offspring.

And indeed, nature offers many ways to soothe little aches and pains. Of course, this never excludes a visit to a doctor in our Allmedica practice in Puerto de Andratx, should the discomfort get worse.

In this article we would like to share with you our home remedies for the “bad tummy”, “getting teeth” and for mucus relief.

Stress, travelling, unfamiliar foods quickly lead to constipation. In medical terms, we speak of constipation when there is no bowel movement for 4 days, when emptying is only possible by pressing hard or when there is a feeling of not having emptied completely. If this does not occur frequently and we as doctors can rule out a chronic form of constipation, then Doctor Nature can help with dried fruit.
Especially prunes and figs soaked in water for several hours have a laxative effect and provide the body with calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and potassium. But more important are the dietary fibres polysaccharides pectin and cellulose, which get the intestines moving. Both active substances are naturally also present in fresh fruit, but in higher concentrations in dried fruit.
And this is how you use the dried fruit: Soak prunes or figs in water overnight and eat the dissolved fruit the next day. The juice can also be drunk. Five to six should be enough to make your bowels fit again. By the way, it does no good to eat the fruit dry. It would only worsen the condition because it draws water from the intestines.

What parent doesn’t know this: the baby is restless, has diarrhoea and little appetite. Are the first teeth coming through? Help your darling with a simple natural recipe.
Put cloves in oil and drip the clove oil on the teething areas. Clove oil numbs the nerve endings and has an immediate analgesic effect. To make it, use the common clove and tasteless oil.

A cataplasm is a poultice or poultice poultice that can be used as a supportive remedy for respiratory diseases, for example. Typical symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections are colds, coughs, sore throats, headaches and aching limbs. In addition to sufficient rest and drinking plenty of fluids, a cataplasm (overlay) helps with the healing process. A visit to a doctor is usually not necessary.
For the cataplasm, a poultice is made from potatoes seasoned with lots of nutmeg (in Spanish “nuez de moscada”). Wrap several tablespoons of the porridge (as warm as possible) in a thin cotton cloth and place it on the chest. Wrap a bath towel around the entire chest. Leave on for 15 minutes.. Make sure that the towel is not too hot! Ideally, apply cream to the skin beforehand and avoid eye contact.
How does the poultice help? It creates an artificial fever, which causes germs to decay, has an expectorant effect and the essential oils of nutmeg dilate the bronchial tubes, which makes it easier to expectorate.
Poultices are an overall concept in which several modes of action come together. The herbs, medicines etc. develop a better effect through the warm compresses. In turn, the skin offers a large absorption surface for the active substances.
So poultices not only help with respiratory diseases, but also with joint problems, tension and skin diseases.

Sage grows in the wild on Mallorca. So gather the medicinal herb to have on hand just in case. Because sage is a natural antibiotic. The medicinal plant has antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used soothingly not only for sore throats – where we typically know it from – but is also ideal for digestive complaints and inflamed gums. Either apply the leaves directly, use as an oil or infuse as a soothing tea. Sage is easy to use.

At Allmedica, we live in harmony with Mediterranean nature and the remedies it brings us. Natural medicine is an important component in our medical practice in Andratx. Combined with the knowledge of modern orthodox medicine, we offer our patients a wide range of treatment options.