One problem of our modern life is the exposure to environmental toxins. Heavy metals in particular (such as mercury, lead, arsenic and aluminum) are absorbed through food and the air we breathe.
Heavy metals lead to poisoning, cardiovascular diseases, attack organs and can promote cancer in the long term. During pregnancy, the development of the unborn child can be disturbed.

We can hardly avoid the intake, because heavy metals get into our bodies via industry, garbage, exhaust fumes and fertilizers on fields, food and in the ground water. However, we can and should support our body in eliminating them, especially if there are clear signs of a high heavy metal load in the body.

In our Allmedica doctor’s office in Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca, we focus on holistic medicine and accompany our patients on their way to a healthy life. Prevention is part of it. Therefore, in this article we would like to present an effective and gentle way to eliminate heavy metals from the body, so that no more serious diseases develop.

How do you recognize heavy metal poisoning?

A high load of aluminum (often found in vaccinations) leads to metabolic disorders, infertility, anemia, tissue changes and inflammatory diseases.
Lead (old buildings- lead pipes!) in the body leads to stomach and intestinal cramps, constipation, fatigue, pale skin, kidney function disorders, and anemia.
Mercury triggers limb pain, headaches, migraines and fatigue.
Parkinson’s disease, for example, is often associated with severe lead and mercury exposure.
Especially in the case of mercury contamination, remaining amalgam fillings in the teeth can be the cause. Before a heavy metal removal, these should first be removed by an experienced dentist under a good suction system and rubber dam. A 2 weeks previous and subsequent oral covering with selenium is recommended.

How to eliminate heavy metals from the body?

Nowadays, the so-called chelation therapy is widely used to remove heavy metals from the body. Doctors use so-called chelators (e.g. dimercaptopropane sulfonic acid) orally or as an infusion to bind the metals in the blood and stimulate their elimination via the kidneys.

We at the Allmedica Medical Center in Andratx do not rely on chelation therapy, as this form of expelling heavy metals from the body can lead to severe side effects such as circulatory failure and, above all, kidney overload in the form of pH jumps.

More gentle are intravenous infusions with dose-increasing vitamin C (American elimination method), which are administered over a period of several weeks. Vitamin C binds heavy metals, converts them into a non-toxic form and excretes them via the kidneys. In addition, vitamin C protects against oxidative stress, which is triggered by the heavy metals in the body. Nevertheless, heavy metal elimination is strenuous, as the substances are released from the tissues and released into the blood. It is not uncommon for patients to feel worse subjectively at first (similar to Herxheimer reaction). The dose should then be adjusted and the patient needs some stamina.

Therapy for the excretion of heavy metals should always be monitored by your doctor. In this process we diagnose and control the load status.

Please contact us! The doctors in our Allmedica practice in Puerto de Andratx will be happy to advise you on the subject of heavy metal stress in the body.

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