Our world is spinning faster and faster. Mobile phones, tablets and pedometers are as much a part of our everyday lives as intelligent home systems and online shopping. Because we no longer have time for “normal” things. Or we no longer take the time. We for the doctor’s visit…
Be that as it may, we as doctors on Mallorca have to adapt to the trend, offer flexible appointments and, if necessary, also switch to telemedicine. Of course, we still see the fulcrum of our activity directly with the people, in our doctor’s practice in Puerto de Andratx and vis-à-vis. But what is the argument against also offering telemedicine where it makes sense?
Let’s take a closer look at telemedicine versus the doctor’s visit.

Telemedicine yes, but where it makes sense
The doctor, whether on Mallorca or anywhere else in the world, sits in front of the computer. So does his patient. The video consultation takes place without any personal contact, i.e. remote treatment. But does that make sense and why?
Telemedicine makes sense in certain situations and expands medical care options. Especially in places where there is a shortage of doctors and elderly patients are poorly connected to public transport, the video call to the doctor can not only be cheaper but also life-saving.
Video calls to the doctor are also useful in monitoring the chronically ill. Likewise when monitoring wound healing.
Some forms of therapy, e.g. in speech therapy, can also be conducted digitally. If you think of speech therapies for children who stutter, there is no reason why telemedicine should not be used.

Attention health app
Telemedicine is not self-diagnosis! Unfortunately, more and more people are turning to the digital world instead of a doctor when they feel a twinge somewhere. A health app is quickly downloaded, a few questions answered and the diagnosis made. Very few people know that this is incorrect in 58% of cases. Therefore, hands off self-diagnosis!

Initial diagnosis at the doctor
Despite all the digitalisation and the advantages it brings to medicine, it is still very important that people know each other, i.e. that the doctor and patient have already spoken in person during a consultation, the initial diagnosis has been made and the further course of action has been agreed.

Even though we are equipped with the latest technology in our Allmedica practice, just like everywhere else in Mallorca, and fulfil all the requirements for telemedicine, there is no alternative to a normal consultation for initial diagnoses.
Of course, we are also happy to care for our patients via telemedicine if it makes sense.
Our conclusion: A visit to the doctor cannot be completely replaced by telemedicine. However, the course of therapy can be digitally accompanied and supported.

If you would also like telemedicine from our Allmedica doctors team on Mallorca in addition to personal care, please let us know.