We recognise that health and wellbeing is a holistic condition and look at the whole person. Many factors contribute – we consider the interactions between genetics, environment and lifestyle.

The future of healthcare lies in personalised, science-based, patient-centred treatment that combines holistic, allopathic, alternative and integrative medicine with the aim of treating the whole person and finding the root cause of diseases and imbalances.

That is our ambition.

The goal is optimal wellness through a deep understanding of the patient’s biochemical, genetic and lifestyle factors. This is personalised healthcare – your health.

Our focus is on creating a plan to achieve the highest level of holistic health and wellbeing for our patients by tailoring your treatment to your individual needs.

Biotransformation and Health Programme

We will work closely together to develop a comprehensive and personalised Biotransformation and Health Programme that is specifically tailored to your health situation and lifestyle.

Education is key so that you understand your individual programme when you receive it. When we present you with your personalised protocol, we make sure you understand how you reached your current state of health so that you have a clear idea of how you got to where you are now and, more importantly, how you will get back to optimal health.

After the second session you will know exactly what your main concern is and how you can achieve your health goals.

In the Biotransformation and Health Programme we conduct a thorough symptom analysis. Based on your main concerns and the results of this analysis, we recommend a series of tests that will provide you with the necessary information to determine the cause of your health problems. With the Biotransformation and Health Programme, we look at your health from all angles, taking into account your genetics, biochemical composition, blood levels and other data.

What you can expect from the Biotransformation and Health Programme:

In the first few weeks of the programme we will work closely together to assess your eating habits and lifestyle, your health history and an analysis of symptoms.

Based on this, we will determine the best tests for your needs. This is followed by a waiting period during which the tests are carried out and the results collected.

Based on this thorough data, we create an individual programme for you that picks you up where you are.

You will be supported for the duration of the Biotransformation and Health Programme in person, as well as by phone/Skype and email.

How the Biotransformation and Health Programme works:

This comprehensive programme takes place over a pre-planned period of time with plenty of one-on-one time. We spend extra time creating and adapting your programme to your specific health needs.

Step 1: Recording

  • Comprehensive health history recording
  • Symptom analysis and assessment of about 200 possible physical symptoms
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Review of eating habits
  • Assessment of medications and supplements (quantity, brands, forms,
    interactions, etc.)
  • Review of existing blood work and other medical tests
  • Review of the most appropriate testing options for your needs

Step 2: Functional medical tests and analyses*.

Following the initial assessment, we will recommend the most appropriate tests for your needs. These may include:

  • Personal genetic testing
  • Comprehensive digestive and microbiome analysis
  • Food sensitivity test
  • Heavy metal and toxic element analysis
    and many more

* Note that not all of these tests are recommended. We will select the tests that make the most sense for your individual needs. The tests are not included in the price of the programme.

Step 3: Customised protocol

After collecting and thoroughly reviewing all the data and cross-referencing it with the information collected at intake, we will create an evidence-based, individualised programme for you that includes the following:

  • Personalised information package on the main concern
  • Complete analysis of the test results
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Recommendations for dietary supplements
  • Support material

Step 4: Programme implementation

The full analysis and programme development usually takes 2 weeks. At this time, we meet again in person or via Skype to go through your entire programme with you. This appointment usually lasts between 90 minutes and two hours.

We will make sure you fully understand your health challenges, how your test results will affect your health and how your programme recommendations will help restore your balance.

In short, you will know what you can do, how you can do it and why you are doing it.

Step 5: Ongoing support

2 hours of follow-up time are used as needed to assess progress and make updates and changes.

Invest in your health!

Call us to make an appointment! We will then discuss your health challenges or goals and can clarify any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you!